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Comedy magic and mind reading shows
Close up magic and roaming mentalism

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Close up, strolling, roaming magic
This is ZeeGee's most commonly booked show, and the inspiration for his stage name ZeeGee - ZeeGee’s show sees him zigzagging between your guests, performing entertaining feats of magic and slight-of-hand, up close and personal.
The magic will happen right under the audience’s noses, with top notch sleight-of-hand. Poker demonstrations, coins jumping from hand to hand, balls appearing out of nowhere, telepathy and mind reading demonstrations – all these will be combined with ZeeGee's sassy Israeli presentation, scripted humor, spontaneous banter, and plenty of interaction and audience participation.
ZeeGee’s close-up magic show in New York is suitable for receptions, Bar Mitsvah / Bat Mitsvah celebrations, cocktail parties, or any other event involving a reception or a crowd.


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?Why should I hire magician-mentalist ZeeGee and not someone else

  • ZeeGee is a native Israeli magician, who lives 50% in Israel and 50% at the states, which makes for a unique presentation. He connects with audiences instantly, delivers everything with a wink, and is very likeable by nature. He'll flirt with the girls (only the single ones), he'll joke with the guys, and he'll sharply finish off hecklers with a mischievous smile. ZeeGee is a first-rate performer, who also does lectures for other magicians on how to become a better performer.
  • Israel's official 2012 champion of magic.
  • An "outsider" will add a fresh feeling to your event. There's something about the imperfect accent, the mischievous Israeli touch, that gives ZeeGee’s show that extra zing.
  • Over 12 years of practical award winning magic experience on stages world-wide.

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